about Alice #13 ...

the artist with 3 names ...

Call her Alice #13, call her xoxoBrialle, call her SatoshiDoll


 ... born Lauren McEntyre, xoxoBrialle writes and directs High Concept Cult-styled Thriller/Adventure Narratives for all ages -with a focus on women 17 to 45.


xoxoBrialle attended Temple University's School of Communication and Theater, and graduated in 2012 with a BA in Film and Media Arts. During that time she studied film in Japan and took up internships in Los Angeles with Lynda Obst Productions -Executive Producer of Sleepless In Seattle and Helix- and Venice Beach's most provocative mixed media painter Jules Muck. After graduation, she worked in the industry in various capacities including acting, production, concept development, and post production.


Aesthetics: dreams, blur, life, death, rebirth, high concept, strong female leads, and alternate realities.

What She Watches: Cult and Psychological Thrillers, British mysteries, Adventure, Sci-Fi movies (like Star Wars), law enforcement centered series (like NCIS, Bones, or Law and Order: Criminal Intent), cultural mythology anime, Action Movies.


Content Themes: dreaming, alternate states of conciousness, death, rebirth, karma, Italian Western style storytelling

Early Influences:  Jim Hensen, George Lucas, Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, and Alfred Hitchcock, Miramax 

Later Influences: Ozu, Maya Deren, David Lynch, Scorsese, and Aronofsky

Current Affairs: DAO Building

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