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Death and All Its Friends ...

~ this is from Oct 22, 2021 guys ... I thought I posted it but apparently not :p ~

Before Nostalgia

Before the pandemic I was moving along in my career. I was on set, but I wasn't directing. I would catch a directing gig, or photography commission in the summers, but most of my days were spent running through the streets of NYC for production. And don't get me wrong, those were some really great days -and amazing crews! I chose who I wanted to work with, and how many hours I put in. I only took the best rates. Some days I made double my rate because I worked multiple jobs at once. I was a go-getter in the space. My days off were spent at the spa, or shopping, or Netflix and chill -whatever. A life fit for a queen. Just not what I really wanted.

Come January 2020 I realized I had to make a change ... I had to move forward with the promises I made myself. I had to focus on directing gigs, or photography commissions. I had to put my foot down and not look back ...

Well change, I was granted ...

Covid hit the city like a tidal wave. Bodies fill the hospitals, and white refrigerated vans, until cremation was mandated in my state. I lost my great aunt, my baby brother, an uncle and cousin. My friends lost their friends, and their family members, and the person they knew me to be. All at once, the world I crafted crumbled. All at once the fear of the unknown settled in. I caged myself in my parent's house, and went down the depression rabbit hole.

I know the beast to well, so I started to grasp at anything that could help me rebuild. I wanted to rebuild everything. I took workshops online, I joined a gallery and a production group; spent my time building industry businesses to prepare for the bounce back. They kept rolling in -the losses. It was like watching the book of Genesis -if the process were in reverse. It was like watching the book of Revelations.

2021 rolled in and my tight knit little family of five became a family of three. Film crews began striking because the casualties and retirees left a large gaping whole in the workforce. The abuse in the industry is bad, but Covid took it to another level. My business plans now required more than I could offer, but less than I could afford to take. I doubled down; more workshops, even marketing training. But I couldn't see an up till about August. I joined a cryptocurrency revolution late July, and come August, I was down a different rabbit hole -one deeper than Tiktok. I had discovered a way to do my art, and still make income, that didn't require me to flip a house or sell an organ. And by October I discovered the jewel of web 3 ... DAOs.

The DAO thingy is awesome.

I'm two crypto coins, and a handmade DEX, in. Had you asked me a few months ago what those are, I'd have little to no answer. I've be programming, shooting photography, and building a new semi anti-business, semi cult-ish approach to the industry. It's called Nostalgia, and I hope you fall in as much love with it as I have. As I build I'll tell you about it! And we'll enjoy the process together.

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