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The goal of this DAO is to democratize film investing, film content creation, and access to movies people want to see, by creating a cult-style film community that’s self sustained.



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terms & conditions: You agree to be open, honest, and accepting; to come into this experience with a child's heart and an adult's passion for cool new stuff. You understand that Nostalgia DAO -including Slice of π (a.k.a Slice of Pi), and Arthouzz- is a GREAT adventure, and experiment, NOT -NOT- an investment, business, nor financial advise; as Alice #13 -it's a Creator- is not a financial adviser. You understand that you are going to watch, learn, explore, and play with web 3 Dapps, real cryptocurrencies, blockchains, DAOs, and other cool decentralized things that require you to be RESPONSIBLE for the care of any assets you gain or loose. WE cannot save you from yourself. You confirm that you are an ADULT (older than 21yrs) as this content is [NOT YET RATED] and may contain mature content for mature audiences ... including, but not limited to mature language, situations, nudity, and or violence; which is not suitable for children.

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