2019 Concepts

Chain of Events - Narrative Feature - Adventure
With the power to alter the past, a little boy attempts to save his biological mother’s life. Little does he know about the cost of his endeavors on his family or himself.
Prospective Rating: PG or PG-13

Super Organism - Narrative Short - Adventure Thriller
A man discovers a strange new life form in the desert, but his animalistic nature costs him his life.
Prospective Rating: PG-13

The Cell - Narrative Feature - Action
A mom must pull out her military skills to rescue her daughter from a man that hunted them down through Facebook.
Prospective Rating: PG-13 or R

The Witch and The Wealthy Man - Narrative Feature - Adventure
A young woman is lured into an alternate universe, to save a woman that is seemingly in trouble. Once there she must face the cost of her hubris, and the true nature of her relationship with friend.  
Prospective Rating: PG

Private Dancer - Experimental Short - Soundscape Thriller
A group of IT techs cave under the cost and pressure of being outsourced to an American company.
Prospective Rating: PG-13

Never Alone - Narrative Short - Soundscape Thriller
A police detective attempts to clean up the crime scene of a murder he committed against his lover.
Prospective Rating: PG-13 or R

Child’s Quest - Narrative Feature - Adventure
Concept in progress.
Prospective Rating: PG

Not The Same - Music Video - Hip Hop
A young hip-hop group recalls the struggles that got them to their current point of success when they bump in to someone they used to compete with for studio space.

Never Change - Music Video Series - Hip Hop
A Rapper goes from living in a car to platinum records, but the cost of the almost instantaneous success weighs heavy on his shoulders. He loses his friends and family, and almost his hope, but it is restored by the prospect of saving the girl of his dreams from the dark edges of the ghetto.

Self Development - Documentary Series - Drama
Being an artist takes more than strength of will; it takes the acceptance of personal responsibility over one’s own destiny. In each episode we’ll watch an artist fight through the cruelest undertakers of the creative mind -namely fear, mental illness, and substance abuse- to achieve the heights of their dreams.
Prospective Rating: PG-13

Vacuum Free - Talk Show - Cultural Consciousness
We’re taking our conversation to the deep end, and it’s all inclusive, as we take a dive into the 90’s realized fringe culture of Black Hipsters.

2018 Concepts

All This Love - Experimental Short - Soundscape Thriller
A woman chooses to commit suicide.

As Yet Untitled - Experimental Narrative Short - Drama
A soul is forced to reconcile for it’s actions against its kind.

Bacha Posh - Narrative Feature - Drama
A young Afghan man finds out he is not actually a man …
Prospective Rating: PG-13 or R

Golden Lady - Experimental Short - Soundscape Drama
A young Black boy walks through the streets of North Philadelphia on the way to school.
Ice Queen - Experimental Short - Supernatural Romance Soundscape
A deity goes on a quest to gain perfection.

7 Doors - Narrative Feature - Psychological Thriller
A young mom has 7 chances to make the right choice before she loses her life to the cowardice of her actions.
Prospective Rating: PG-13

Twilight - Experimental Narrative Short - Drama
A young Black man is framed by his colleagues.


2017 Concepts

Black Box - Narrative Feature - Supernatural Thriller
A young boy discovers his imaginary friend is real when his mother’s new love interest attempts to steal the boy’s legacy; a black his father left behind.  
Prospective Rating: PG or PG-13


2016 Concepts

Gaijin - Anime Series - Drama
A young Black teenager finds out his father is a wealthy Japanese business tycoon, and ventures to Tokyo to get away from the culture challenges of being African American in America. To his surprise, it’s not easier.
Prospective Rating: PG-13

Gaia Franchise - Narrative Features - Action Adventure
A world now dominated by machines, is bracing for impact from the planets eco-imbalance. With all but one or two humans left it is a race against time for the new dominant race to survive the eminent catastrophe left by its creators.
Prospective Rating: PG-13

The Scientist - Narrative Feature - Thriller Adventure
A scientist discovers the antidote to a biological weapon that is killing off intelligence officers. The fun ‘James Bond’ vigilante existence she used to dream about -for recreation- has now become a very real, very frightening reality. Unaware of what she’s created, the scientist finds herself fighting for her life; and, consequently, the lives of others.
Prospective Rating: R

Bury Me - Narrative Series - Drama
An Italian man wakes up in a hospital handcuffed to the bed. Having survived a car explosion, he must now try to get passed his amnesia to figure out why he’s in witness protection, and who is attempting to kill him; while simultaneously keeping his old identity from his new family.
Prospective Rating: PG-13

Nostalgia - Narrative Feature - Supernatural Thriller
A young woman must commune with her deceased mother in order to fight the evil eating her through the nostalgia emotional pain of her past.
Prospective Rating: R